Cleaning your air conditioner can increase operating efficiency and reduce the risk of a costly repair. It can also save on energy expenses, increase system longevity, and improve indoor air quality.

Most cooling system breakdowns are directly related to insufficient maintenance and often result in premature failure of your central air components.

Harder Electrical & Mechanical recommends that homeowners have their heating and cooling equipment inspected, cleaned, and tuned up once per year to fix any problems before they arise and to ensure optimal air quality.

During a yearly maintenance routine, Harder Electrical & Mechanical will perform interior cleaning, including checking the system filters for dander, dust, and restrictive debris. Then we will check the internal units, including the fans, blades, air purifiers, air cleaners, and filters, and replace any components as necessary.

We inspect the blower wheel and the blower motor/fan belt. We also check for humidifier leaks, replace humidifier water panels, and check condensate lines and pumps. Finally, we check amperage draw and refrigerant levels using superheat or subcooling.

Our annual air conditioner service also includes an exterior cleaning–removing debris from around the system and providing a thorough wash of the air conditioner’s outdoor coils. We also check all electrical components and replace any wires or foam coolant lines that have incurred damage from nesting rodents or environmental debris.

Harder Electrical & Mechanical’s service technicians are licensed HVAC professionals. Our HVAC technicians are proficient in the maintenance of all air conditioners and cooling systems.

To prevent premature breakdown of important air conditioner components such as your AC compressor, and ensure a comfortable hot-weather season for you and your family, call Harder Electrical & Mechanical to perform an annual air conditioner check today!

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